Today I handed my card to friend of mine and told her I was in the market for new students. Her response was one that I get a lot, “oh, I’ll give this to a friend of mine. I don’t sing.” That is the point taking lessons isn’t it? I believe that anyone is capable of singing. In fact, I have a student right now who had a singing range of a fifth when we started working together two months ago. For those of you who don’t know what a fifth is, it’s the distance between the first two notes in the opening track of Star Wars. Anyway, this student of mine has worked SO hard that his range has exploded into over two octaves! I couldn’t be prouder of him. Please don’t take this as bragging though. I just guided him on his path. He did all the hard slogging…

I encourage everyone to learn how to use their voices. It’s an uplifting way to learn to breath naturally and express ourselves in a meaningful way and it’s applicable in a myriad of different applications. Anytime you speak you are using your singing muscles, don’t forget that.

Be well everyone.