I have been performing in one way or another since the age of five. My parents enrolled me in figure skating, ballet and piano. Perhaps not the best choice for a young boy in a small rural BC town, but we moved to Toronto when I was nine and my artistic pursuits became decidedly more accepted in the big city.

My mom is a music and drama teacher and my two dads are both performers as well. This certainly made for a culturally rich upbringing. My dad has never performed professionally, but it has been a strong part of his life for over thirty years. My step-dad is Bill Usher, the Juno award-winning producer, actor  and percussionist who now heads the Golden BC Arts Council.

As a teen I left the art scene for a few years as some misguided form of rebellion, but soon enough I found a hole in my life where it used to be. This encouraged me to pick up the guitar and start writing music, which I would perform at coffee shops in Toronto. I also began performing as a backup singer for step-dad Bill. Around this time I became part of a theatre troupe called Mixed Company, which began my musical training in ernest again.This lead to my starring in a short film I wrote called Kill the Clown and another feature length film called Bamboo. Neither of them made any money, but it sure did help with my maturation as an artist!

For family reasons I moved with my two young daughters to Victoria, BC. After getting settled, I enrolled myself in the Camosun College Jazz Program as a voice major, as I felt I was stagnating as an artist. I spent three great years learning from some brilliant artists about music fundamentals and performance. I came away from the program humbled by how much there is yet to learn.

After music school I felt I needed to expand my knowledge of the theatre world, so I enrolled at the University of Victoria Phoenix Theatre program. This was an amazing experience where I learned that to be unique is more important than common. I apply this to my teaching.

I approach each student uniquely as I’m interested in what they have to offer themselves and the world. We all have a unique voice and personality. Even as we take on a character in song or on stage, we need to bring a uniqueness to the performance for it to be great.

We all have this greatness within. Let me help you find yours.

Thank you.