I recognize that not all of us are born with the voice of an angel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sing. If you have a voice, you can sing. If you have a soul, you can perform, even if it’s just for your mirror…

My goal as a teacher is to help my students find their voice, not to be a cookie-cutter classical vocalist. I want to hear your soul!

I offer voice lessons as well as beginner guitar and piano. My main focus is voice, but I will support any student who would also like to learn guitar and/or piano, as it is my opinion that every vocalist should be able to accompany themselves. My lessons are decidedly informal and student-led, as far as repertoire is concerned, in the sense that I will teach what the student wants to learn.

Having been a student myself I recognize just how daunting taking voice lessons can be. It can be even more intimidating than other music lessons since we are the instruments. It’s not like we can just pop out to the store and buy another voice! So, to help with this first hurdle I guarantee a safe and encouraging environment for my students to connect with the music within. Additionally, using my theatre background I help with performance anxiety and help develop the all-important stage persona.

I begin every lesson with a vocal warm up, then move to vocal exercises to help strengthen and shape the voice, finishing the lesson with working on repertoire of the student’s choosing. The last part of the lesson is arguably the most important as this is what will keep the student’s interest in the lessons. As stated earlier, this is especially true for young students as giving them some control over repertoire will empower them and therefore view their lessons in a positive light.