Invoicing & Scheduling

You are expected to show up at all lessons to assure improvement and excellent learning outcomes, but if you have a conflict, let me know when the invoice is sent to you and we will cancel that lesson; you will not be charged for it. Only one cancellation per month will be toleratedOnce scheduled and paid for, no credits or refunds will be issued, but rescheduling will be available if you must miss a lesson (see below). Same day cancellations and “no shows” due to sports events or others will not be rescheduled.

Rescheduling Missed Lessons

It is your responsibility to reschedule your missed lesson directly on my online calendar if you wish to do so. I’d be happy to offer a time available in my regular teaching schedule, but any rescheduling is based on availability and is not guaranteed. Rescheduling must be within the same month.

Temporary Withdrawal

If you decide to discontinue your lessons for a month or more than 2 weeks, I may not be able to hold your assigned time for you and may be offering that time to someone else if requested. If you wish to take some time off but keep your time slot, you will have to keep paying for that time as you would if you were going on with the lessons.

Weather Conditions

If the weather conditions are not favorable in the winter months, you will receive an email update as if the studio is open or not. If the studio is closed, rescheduling will be offered if possible; if not, credits will be issued. If the studio is open but you choose not to come to your lesson, it is your responsibility to reschedule your lesson on the online calendar if you wish to do so. Again, I am happy to help and offer another time available in my regular teaching schedule to accommodate Mother Nature, but I will not make extra time to reschedule those lessons.


Lessons are scheduled and paid for on a monthly basis. An invoice will be sent to you and payment for the coming month is due on your last lesson of the month. Exact Cash, Cheques and Online Payments accepted; a $25 fee will be charged for NSF cheques. Cheques should be made to “Michael Calladine” and dated for your last lesson of the month. Only one week late payment will be tolerated in order to go on with the lessonsIf you fail to send your payment on time, a Paypal Invoice will be sent to you and electronic payment will be required.


You will need a binder to keep your music, song list, words, etc… You are expected to bring that binder with you at all lessons.

I do offer the possibility to record your lessons, accompaniment, etc… Please bring a blank CD or memory stick .