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Of Saints and Outlaws

Here’s a movie I’m working on, which has been accepted into the Toronto International Film Festival for the 2013 event!

Jesus Christ Superstar Keeps on Giving:

The cast of Nelson’s Jesus Christ Superstar was asked to perform an evening of select songs from the show as well as other musical theatre pieces. It was a success and the Castlegar News was there.

Damned For All Time

Judas - Feet and Hair!

Judas has risen

This year I was asked to oversee the musical direction of the Christmas Pantomime in Nelson, which is attended by almost a quarter of the town’s population. We’re more than half-way through now and it’s all starting to come together!

Worried about investing a lot of money in trying out a teacher when you might find the fit is just not right? Instead of paying my usual rate or $30 per hour I will charge you $20 for an exploratory lesson. Such a little risk for such a potential reward!

Let me help you find your voice!

I’ve recently been asked by a student if I would consider giving her lessons via skype while she’s on the road and I thought, “yes!”

If you live in a remote area and still want to take lessons, there’s no reason why you can’t take lessons with me. Or, if you are a touring artist who needs a little help while on the road, this may be just the ticket. Let me know how I can support you.

Good singing everyone!